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TSIT offers a unique business process performance improvement service solution that combines the expertise of qualified professionals with the transformation capabilities of a powerful set of administrative, financial and operational performance improvement software tools. We look beyond the traditional revenue cycle process improvement such as gross and net day’s receivable outstanding, and % of accounts over AR aging 30, 60, 90 or 120 days etc to generate more cash for you faster. This will allowsmeeting the needs of our customers whether you are physician billing service organization or healthcareprovider.

At TSIT, global revenue cycle service deliver model allows you to cultivate growth, reduce costs, gain from better productivity & performance, and most importantly, invest money in critical initiatives such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) & ARRA Compliance, as we reduce the cost of your operation. We have built the infrastructure, technology tools, processes, and brought together a world-class team of healthcare billing and administrations experts to heal you achieve your business objectives.

At TSIT SOLUTIONS, we also recognize the responsibility, issues and challenges in revenue cycle to ensureaccuracy for the submission of all our customers’ charges. We have focused to provide our servicescreating a differentiated service delivery model within compliance standards, in accordance with allexisting Federal, State and Payer regulations.

At TSIT, we bring you well-mannered years of management and cost effective solutions for the full spectrum of RCM Services in the most cost effective manner.
Our service deliveries are exclusively designed to meet the needs of customers. Our goal is to help you maximize profit in the shortest turn-around-time. Most companies loose good money which is often associated with lack of experience, improper processing, coding and a poor or non-existent infrastructure.

TSIT carefully balances our customers base in order to ensure that each customer will receiveour complete and undivided attention and importance!

Our team of expertise are fully aware of the market trends, 5010-compliance & ICD-10 coding. Wework with physicians, hospitals and their office directly, streamlining the front and back endoperations. We offer competitive billing rates with no compromise on quality.Maintain strict confidentiality. We adhere to HIPAA compliant security policies.

Why TSIT ?

Our senior management team has well-mannered years of experience in advising healthcareorganizations transform their revenue cycle functions through onsite, outsourced andoffshore delivery models. Our professionals maintain the highest level of confidentiality, integrity, ethics, and compliance.

Our Service model

  • A team of experienced revenue cycle management professionals and project managers.
  • Exclusive set of tools that integrate workflow, source management portal, revenue cycleperformance data and create holistic multi-dimensional views that provide us the insightto help us address the right issues at the right time.
  • Industry's excellent training program that allows our employees continuously polish their understanding of our customer’s business
  • Our Customers benefit from our solid foundation and experience. By partnering with TSIT, our Customers see:
      - Remarkable improvements in cost to collect and payment per procedure
      - Significant reductions in A/R days
      - Operational cost reduction and enhanced coordination
      - Robust analytics and reporting
      - Denial reduction
      - Much better cash flows customer retention rate

About Us

Rathinaraj Rajanandam

Managing Director & Chairman

Dinakaran Krishnan

Director, Operations

 DinakaranKrishnan, is a Healthcare professional expert who has more than 10 years of experience in Medical billing and excellent business strategy which drives the organization to achieve maximum benefit for the customers. He has a deep understanding of the core business of the company and avenues for growth. He has the ability to adapt himself and influence the attitudes of the teams in order to cope with change management. Prior to TSIT, Dinakaran has handful experience with Dell Perot Systems, Ajuba and other leading DME organization as a part of lead transition team. Dinakaran has a wealth of expertise and experience in private and public sector outsourcing across senior strategic and operational roles.

Yuvraj Rajamanickam

Head Operations & Business Development

 Yuvraj Rajamanickam, is a Healthcare business process services expert, with a breadth of exposure and knowledge in both the Physicians billing and the Insurance Payer business process. In conjunction with all other key aspects, he believes in customer focus as the key for the success of services being offered. Yuvraj Rajamanickam has worked on multiple Transitions to delivery projects and part of lead process transitions to global centers extensively. Expert in complete END TO END REVENUE CYCLE Management such as demo posting, payment posting, charge posting, Accounts receivables,Denial management and credit balancing. In the Medical billing business, Yuvraj Rajamanickam was a Project coordinator and researcher in Italy and US based companies.

Lavanya Elavarsan

Human Resource and Training & Development – Head

 Lavanya Elavarasan, is a proven professional who promotes and implements human resources values by planning and managing human resources programs. She has been a great asset to the organization and been associated with TSIT since inception. Lavanya Elavarasan is responsible in developing organizational strategies by identifying and researching human resources issues and provides adequate planning through training and development. She is a thorough expert in establishing department account abilities including talent acquisition, staffing and succession planning. Lavanya Elavarasan is a Master in Human Resources and has a great people management skill which helped TSIT to come a long way.

Divya Chandrasekar

Application and Information Security – Head

 Divya Chandrasekar, With her strong experience in the area of creating application software, hardware and networking, Mohan has a team of support engineers to handle the secure and smooth IT operations of the organization.

RCM Services

At TSIT, We use strong strategic management services to improve the financial health of your organization our business. Our best-off shored business process services, consulting & technology driven revenue cycle transformation services help you get a new level of control and visibility. Our solution can potentially help you improve your realizations by 2-3% and reduced the days outstanding of A/R.
We support medical billing companies, hospitals, physician practices, DME's and software providers through our flexible, low cost revenue cycle management services.

Services Offered

  • Offshore revenue management services
  • Managed governance
  • Transformational outsourcing

As a leading provider of revenue cycle processing and receivables management services, TSIT reducesyour human resources related costs by as much as 30-40% through a global delivery model. Whether you are ahospital, physician billing company or a physician practice, our team of highly skilled billing and collectionsprofessionals will accelerate your organization’s progress by reducing the cost to collect, improve net collections,and apply technology to reduce effort as well as rework.

Predictable results in terms of better process performance, quality, and turnaround time combine with ourproprietary, collaborative TSIT Revenue Cycle suite let you manage your revenue cycle like never before.

Gain from our expertise in delivering high volume, complex transaction processing, coding and follow-upservices.

From scheduling to collections, our customized solutions help accelerate as well as improve overall cash flow so that you find the money you need to grow your business.

We create a new level of visibility into your revenue cycle’s performance and create a collaborative, customizedworking model by applying technology, expertise and most of all, committed revenue cycle specialists.

Whether you would like us to build a full revenue cycle management program or trust us with one or more of your critical processes, rely on our customized solutions to get quicker resolution, successful conversions, maximize collections, and higher returns on investments

TSIT has a large team of AR follow up professionals who can identify patient accounts thatneeds to be followed up and take necessary action to collect unpaid claims and underpaid claims.

Our Services in Account Receivable include:

  • AR analysis
  • AR Denial analysis
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Self-pay follow-up

Daily reconciliation of the payments and receipts entered into the system with the documents received from the clients

  • Daily reconciliation of the charges posted
  • Coding checks and validations done on routine basis.
  • Regular checks on the updations of coding policies
  • Regular Audit of Account Receivables including ageing analysis

An independent audit team is constantly verifying all aspects of the process is in compliance with the clients requirements.

Software and Scanning

TSIT employees are well versed in numerous US medical billing software packages and practicemanagement systems. We also help implement the latest scanning technology at each of our clientfacilities in order to reduce paper transactions, which virtually eliminates transmitting errors and improvesthe workflow process.

Our Pricing

We engage our specialist RCM to understand the complexity and extent of technology used in order to give you an accurate cost; however we can assure you of a 30-35% saving against your current spend. As you know there are numerous PMS available, I guess pricing will depend on which platform and how complex.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a significant healthcare reform law that passed Congress in 1996 to provide better access to health insurance as well as to toughen the law concerning healthcare billing fraud. There are other corollary sections of the law related to

Administrative simplification and privacy of protected health information that have far-reaching effects forProviders, Payers, Managed Care Organizations, their business associates, and any entity storing, processing, and transmitting healthcare information.

In addition, the Act includes provisions for improving and monitoring the security and confidentiality of any records containing health plan member and patient information.

HIPAA Readiness

We take all compliance related concerns of our customers very seriously and we address themproactively. Our delivery centers houses the most technologically advanced infrastructure to handle data security issues. Here is how we go beyond the basics.

Data Confidentiality

In view of the sensitivity associated with the Healthcare Information, all our teams works on fully locked down dumb terminal PC's which don't have a floppy drive, CD drive or a USB port. No process executive hasan email access and there is no movement of data across the globe.

Physical Security

In our delivery center no one is allowed in without screening and no one is allowed to bring in or take any information capture devices including mobile phones and cameras. The facility is truly locked down with access only to authorized individuals in client specific areas protected by card readers and biometric technology enabled secure access systems. A 24x7 security force physically guards the facility from any unauthorized access.

Employee Hiring and Background Checks

Our HR department conducts extensive background checks on all new employees prior to our employee confirmation process. Once confirmed, employees can access our system only with validlogons and passwords. Furthermore access to sensitive information is on a "need to know basis" and weconstantly keep watch to prevent any of our clients' data from being accessed except by authorized employees. In addition, all our employees receive confidentiality training (as required by HIPAA) and must sign confidentiality agreements.

Site Security

Electronic swipe-cards control access to all our facilities and close-circuit cameras monitor the entrancesalong with on-site security personnel on a 24x7 basis. Our team members are not allowed to carry in (orcarry out) any magnetic or other media used for transferring data. All visitors are provided restricted accessand are always accompanied by company staff.

Data Security

TSIT follows practices to ensure data protection and information security. We ensure and guarantee that all information provided by the client for the provision of services is maintained confidentially and disclosures are made only to those actually working on the operation on a need-toknowbasis. We execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement for all data related activities.

Network Security

TSIT provides very restrictive system access policies. The various network accesses are provided with multiple level passwords.

Disaster Recovery

TSIT has 2 levels of redundancy in its backup implementation to make sure that data is not lost irrevocably - onsite and offsite. All business critical data are backed up on Magnetic Media on adaily/weekly basis. Mirror backups are maintained off site for worst case scenarios.

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Dinakaran Krishnan

Director - Operations


Yuvraj Rajamanickam

Head - Operations and Business Development


Lavanya Elavarasan

Human Resource Training & Development – Head